Group swine wintering area of swan swan. At the Nature Center, you can enjoy the observation of birds and

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Exhibits of the world's leading "Persian Nishiki", exhibits / workshops of local traditional "Hama Kusuri", a number of excellent items that inherit techniques and culture of tradition. Memorial hall of Bunka ・ Inoue Yasushi is installed.

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The youkai painted by Shigeru Mizuki has become a bronze statue of over 150 bodies and greeted me. The street is

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Valuable items such as works by Mizuki Shigeru famous for "Gegege no Kitaro" from Sakaiminato city and collections of youkai collected from all over the world are displayed.

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Powerful spot where you can buy marine products and processed goods just dropped off at affordable prices. Freshness comes with origami.

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The biggest sand dune in Japan,16 km east to west, 2.4 kmnorth to south. The nature's art called the wind pattern and the view of the Sea of Japan from the summit are magnificent.

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You can enjoy the best view of San'in over Oyama and Yumigahama. It is a park where you can experience "viewing, buying, eating, playing" such as tower, hot springs hall, Sakaiminato fish center and product tourism center at the same time.

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The island of Nakaumi, known for its large flower-blooming buttons and medicinal ginseng. There are also interests at Yushido where you can eat while watching the large garden.

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A fishing port with an old history located at the tip of Shimane Peninsula. Miho Shrine that worships Ebisu, Miyazaki lighthouse equipped with a French design buffet, scenic spots such as Ginomatsu Park famous for folk song "Seki no Gozonmatsu".