The Kaike Onsen hot spring water is composed of sodium and calcium chloride. The spring produces a water volume of 4,456.5 liters per minute, and thus considered quite abundant. There are at total of 19 sources of the hot spring water. The originating water temperature is as high as 63 to 82 degrees Celsius. The water is considered effective mainly for neuralgia, rheumatism, chronic skin diseases, and chronic women’ s diseases. A recent survey identified a skin purifying effect of the hot spring water, thus leading the hot spring being an attraction to many women. The warmth of the Onsen water truly aids in both cleanliness and good health

Kaike Onsen is a seaside hot spring area that people flock to in summer to bathe in the sea. Just a step away from the ryokan you are staying at in your swim suit will take you to a marine blue colored resort land. Kaike Onsen is a rare hot spring in Japan where a hot spring and bathing in the sea can be enjoyed at the same time. Acknowledged as one of the “88 Japanese bathing beaches” by the Ministry of the Environment, with the safety and comfort of the bathing beach being of guaranteed quality. Trained life savers are constantly on guard, thus ensuring the safety of the beach.

Kaike Onsen is well known to be “the birthplace of Japanese triathlons” . The triathlon was first adopted as an official sport at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, but first arrived in Japan in 1981, with Kaike Onsen being where the sport was first taken up in Japan. The “All Japan Triathlon Kaike Competition” has been held every year since, resulting in the place being admired by triathletes from all over Japan as the sacred birthplace of Japanese triathlons.

A 30 minute drive from Kaike Onsen will take you to Sakaiminato, a city now known as a Mecca of the monster world. Along the main route from JR Sakaiminato station stands bronze statues of monsters from the manga “Gegege no Kitaro” , created by Shigeru Mizuki, that await your visit. A total 140 bronze statues are aligned along the route for about 800 meters in a row, culminating in the “Shigeru Mizuki Memorial Museum” .

Kaike Onsen is protected by a pine trestle in the corner of the city, there is Shrine's Onsen 's Shrine - Onsen Shrine quietly. Everyone who wrote "Everyone, Live," from now, as a god of longevity from time to time, people who are praying for longevity and family satisfaction have come to gather.【 God of deity is a great country guardian】 How about praying for longevity, couple satisfaction with a walk on a hot spring town?